Sumerian Marriage Contract


B.C. Ancient Assyrian tablet, written in the 19th century, Man took woman as his wife. She will bear a child. If the man divorces the woman, he will give 50 shekels (400 g) of gold, 5 enamels (2.5 kg.) of tin and 2 mines (1 kg.) of silver. He can go wherever he wants. If the woman divorces the man, 400 gr. He will give gold and stay at home. After that, the names of 4 witnesses are written.

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Sumerian Marriage Contract Our Turkey is very rich in Cuneiform Tablets. It is in the second place in the world after the British Museum in England. Most of the cuneiform tablets in our country are in the Cuneiform Tablets Archive of the Istanbul Archeology Museums. There are about 75,000 cuneiform tablets here. About 60,000 of them were inventoried (recorded), and 10,000 of them were read as content. Again in this archive, valuable people such as Hatice Kızılyay, Muazzez Çığ, Veysel Donbaz, etc., have served as conductors for many years, and they have brought invaluable studies to our scientific world. The second largest part of the cuneiform clay tablets is in the Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum. Most of the cuneiform clay tablets were excavated in Mesopotamia, which was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire at that time, and a large number of tablets were found in the excavations in Kültepe in Anatolia. From these tablets, which are called Kültepe tablets, a lot of information was obtained about the relations (especially trade) of the Hittites living in Anatolia with the Assyrians, who lived in Mesopotamia and came to Anatolia and traded.

Our Sumerian Marriage Contract Tablet

We present some examples of Sumerian Clay tablets in the category of Replica tablets on our site . Our Sumerian Marriage Contract tablet is a completely Handmade clay tablet. How the Original Clay tablets in ancient times were made and written; it is also written in cuneiform. It is an imitation of the Sumerian Tablets. After our replica clay tablets are written by hand, they are dried and fired at a very low temperature. Therefore, contact of clay-based products with water should be avoided. Tablet sizes; 8.5 x 7 cm thickness; 1 cm Tablets can take a few days to prepare, so our delivery for tablets can vary between 2 and 5 working days.

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