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Our Sumerian Love Necklace is completely handmade. The metal base of our necklace is gold plated on brass. It is a specially designed product. Cuneiform symbols are used. (Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite) Sumerian ” Ki-ag-ga ” is written on the tablet. It means ” beloved ” in Sumerian . Our Sumerian Love Necklace in the necklace category will be a beautiful accessory for yourself and an invaluable gift for your loved ones.

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After ordering our products, you can buy them by sending them to our account as bank transfer or EFT through your bank account. Or you can make your payment with the completely secure Iyzico payment system infrastructure by using the 3D Secure management with the credit card option you can choose during your order. Both payment types can be used as options on our site. After your order is completed, your products will start to be prepared and will be delivered to the cargo company as soon as possible. We show all the sensitivity to ensure that our products reach you as soon as possible from your order. If you want to examine our other necklace products, you can visit our Necklace category. All of our products are prepared with the consultancy of Sümerologist Veysel Donbaz. Veysel Donbaz speaks Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite languages. He is a Sumerologist speaking all these languages who lived thousands of years ago. Veysel Donbaz contributes to the correct processing of words and texts written on faces, tablets, bracelets and other accessories in the preparation of our products. It plays a guiding role in our products about the cultural traces of languages. Veysel Donbaz is one of the few names in Turkey and the world in his field of expertise. For more detailed information and content about Sumerologist Veysel Donbaz, you can visit


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