Sumerian Good Wish Tablet Plain Edge Bracelet Antique Silver


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We carefully prepare our antique silver bracelets bearing the Sumerian Good Wish symbol for you. Our bracelet product, which carries the good wishes tablet written in Sumerian, is completely handmade. It is specially prepared for you with care and meticulousness. Our product is controlled under the consultancy of Sümerologist Veysel Donbaz during the design phase. You can order this bracelet, made entirely in the correct Sumerian language, as a beautiful accessory or a great gift. The bracelet is silver plated on brass. It is a specially designed product in antique silver color. It is produced as handmade. Cuneiform symbols are used on the product (Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite). Sumerian well-wisher tablet “May the days bring friendship, months joy, years abundance.” contains the sentence. If you want to examine our other Sumerian bracelet product range, you can visit our Bracelet category. You can buy our products in the bracelet category for yourself or your loved ones. You can use it as a stylish, interesting and unique accessory, or you can think of it as a perfect gift idea. All of our products are prepared with the consultancy of Sümerologist Veysel Donbaz. Veysel Donbaz speaks Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite languages. He is a Sumerologist speaking all these languages who lived thousands of years ago. Veysel Donbaz contributes to the correct processing of words and texts written on faces, tablets, bracelets and other accessories in the preparation of our products. It plays a guiding role in our products about the cultural traces of languages. Veysel Donbaz is one of the few names in Turkey and the world in his field of expertise. For more detailed information and content about Sumerologist Veysel Donbaz, you can visit


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