Sumerian First Love Poem Tablet Small


This inscription, dated to the 18th century BC and belonging to the Old Babylonian Period, is described as the oldest known love poem in the world. According to Sumerian belief, it was a sacred duty for the king to marry a priestess once a year instead of INANNA, the goddess of fertility and love, in order to ensure the fertility of the soil and the fertility of the womb. This poem was probably written by a bride chosen for king Shusin, to be sung at the New Year’s Eve celebration, and was sung at banquets and feasts, accompanied by music, song, and dance. Click for Description of Little First Love Poetry Tablet

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Sumerian First Love Poetry Tablet The Little Sumerians are the civilization in the geographical region known as the cradle of civilization, located in the south of Iraq (Southern Mesopotamia ) between 4000 BC – 2000 BC . It is considered the oldest known civilization in the world. The Sumerians laid the foundations of countless civilizations that emerged in Mesopotamia . In addition , writing and astronomy first appeared in the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. The first writing was found by the Sumerians around 3200 BC. Their early writings were based on shapes, that is, they used a shape for every being and event. Cuneiform signs are based on a past caption. Signs expressing a concept are called ideograms. According to the common view in the scientific world, Sumerian is an isolated language that has no connection with any living language. The Sumerians wrote cuneiform on clay tablets. Therefore, we are lucky that many of these clay tablets have survived to the present day. Because other civilizations found in ancient times wrote their writings on parchment or papyrus, and most of them have not survived.

Sumerian First Love Poem Tablet (Small)

We present some examples of Sumerian Clay tablets in the category of Replica tablets on our site. Our Sumerian First Love Poem (small) tablet is a completely Handmade clay tablet. How the Original Clay tablets in ancient times were made and written; written in cuneiform in the same way. It is an imitation of the Sumerian Tablets. After our replica clay tablets are written by hand, they are dried and fired at a very low temperature. Therefore, contact of clay-based products with water should be avoided. Tablet sizes; 8.5 x 6 cm thickness; 1 cm Tablets can take a few days to prepare, so our delivery for tablets can vary between 2 and 5 working days. Click for Personalized Tablet All of our products are prepared with the consultancy of Sümerologist Veysel Donbaz. Veysel Donbaz speaks Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite languages. He is a Sumerologist speaking all these languages who lived thousands of years ago. Veysel Donbaz contributes to the correct processing of words and texts written on faces, tablets, bracelets and other accessories in the preparation of our products. It plays a guiding role in our products about the cultural traces of languages. Veysel Donbaz is one of the few names in Turkey and the world in his field of expertise. For more detailed information and content about Sumerologist Veysel Donbaz, you can visit


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