Sumerian First Love Poem Tablet (Large)


In Sumerian literature, hymn, praise and love poems, which are referred to as poetry, have an important place. Such poems, especially love poems from the group of lyric poems, are very few. Two of them are known today (Ni.2461 and Ni.2463). Both are not really love poems from one lover to another. It emphasizes the crazy words of love spoken to the king during New Year’s rites by a girl who was a fan of King Šu-sin, one of the kings of the New Sumerian Period (21 BC), and her desire to meet him. Click Here For Full Description Of First Love Poem

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Sumerian First Love Poetry Tablet (large) The Sumerians are the civilization in the geographical region known as the cradle of civilization located in the south of Iraq (Southern Mesopotamia ) between 4000 BC – 2000 BC . It is considered the oldest known civilization in the world. In addition , writing and astronomy first appeared in the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. The first writing was found by the Sumerians around 3200 BC. Their early writings were based on shapes, that is, they used a shape for every being and event. Cuneiform signs are based on a past caption. Signs expressing a concept are called ideograms. According to the common view in the scientific world, Sumerian is an isolated language that has no connection with any living language. The Sumerians wrote cuneiform on clay tablets. Therefore, we are lucky that many of these clay tablets have survived to the present day. Because other civilizations found in ancient times wrote their writings on parchment or papyrus, and most of them have not survived. Our Turkey is very rich in Cuneiform Tablets. It is in the second place in the world after the British Museum in England. Most of the cuneiform tablets in our country are in the Cuneiform Tablets Archive of the Istanbul Archeology Museums. There are about 75,000 cuneiform tablets here.

Sumerian First Love Poem Tablet

We present some examples of Sumerian Clay tablets in the category of Replica tablets on our site . Sumerian First Love Poem Tablet Our large tablet is a completely Handmade clay tablet. How the Original Clay tablets in ancient times were made and written; it is also written in cuneiform. It is an imitation of the Sumerian Tablets. After our replica clay tablets are written by hand, they are dried and fired at a very low temperature. Therefore, contact of clay-based products with water should be avoided. Tablet sizes; 8.5 x 7 cm thickness; 1 cm Tablets can take a few days to prepare, so our delivery for tablets can vary between 2 and 5 working days.

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