Cuneiform Sumerian Custom Design Clay Tablet


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In our Cuneiform Sumerian Clay Tablet product, you can have your name, surname or other words written in Cuneiform (Sumerian or Akkadian) on your specially designed clay tablet. If you want, we can also write Turkish words in cuneiform. (You will see from the product photos) On the clay tablet you see in the picture, “Sal.lugal”, that is, “queen”, is written in Sumerian cuneiform. Your clay tablet and the cuneiform written on it are completely handmade and custom made just for you. While these cuneiform tablets were being prepared, Sumerologist (Asiriologist) Veysel Donbaz was our consultant.

If you want to order the cuneiform Sumerian Clay Tablet product, please write the words you want to print in the note section when ordering. The price stated in this product is for one word. Order as many words as you want. For example, you want a tablet with four words, you will enter the number 4 when ordering. We will get back to you, specify the spelling of the words you want, and get your approval, and the production of cuneiform clay tablets will begin. As our Cuneiform Sumerian Clay Tablets are specially designed, word research and construction can take about a week. Your order will be sent boxed and with a description tag inside. All clay tablets are dated in cuneiform Latin numerals. The dimensions of the clay tablet are 6x5x1 cm.

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All of our products are prepared with the consultancy of Sümerologist Veysel Donbaz. Veysel Donbaz speaks Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite languages. He is a Sumerologist speaking all these languages who lived thousands of years ago. Veysel Donbaz contributes to the correct processing of words and texts written on faces, tablets, bracelets and other accessories in the preparation of our products. It plays a guiding role in our products about the cultural traces of languages.

Veysel Donbaz is one of the few names in Turkey and the world in his field of expertise. For more detailed information and content about Sumerologist Veysel Donbaz, you can visit


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