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  • Our site, as a site that has adopted the principle of creating a safer environment for its members and customers, requires the following confidentiality rules:
  • Your e-mail address will not be disclosed or used for any reason or by any interlocutor.
  • From time to time, only promotional and campaign news about our site and its products will be sent to your e-mail address with your prior consent.
  • Membership information and personal information you provide to us will not be shared with other members. This information will only be used to better determine our customer profile and to serve you better.
  • Although our site does not store your credit card information anywhere, it will not ask you for such information under the name of membership information.
  • No one, including the employees of our site, will see the credit card information during shopping. This information is only transmitted to the banks we work with directly under high security conditions.
  • Our site needs your personal information in order to provide and carry out the following operations;
    • Email activation
    • Manage your order
    • Verify your payment
    • To inform you about your order
    • Getting your product to you
    • To inform you about our innovations, with your consent
    • To give you a perfect shopping experience
    • A security record for every purchase
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