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Regarding the Processing of Personal Data

Express Consent Statement

the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, I consent to the processing of my personal data with the following declaration of consent, as explained in detail in the clarification text that I can always access on the website of ÖZLEM DOMBAZ-SÜMERCE ATÖLYESİ-ANUİŞTAR , https://www.sumerceatolyesi.com/ or the call center. .

Personalized marketing, profiling, segmentation: My current or future personal data; ÖZLEM DOMBAZ-SÜMERCE ATÖLYESİ-Providing special opportunities and offers for me according to my memberships and shopping at ANUİŞTAR, general or special personalized campaigns, advantages, promotions, creation of advertisements, organization of campaigns, contests, raffles and other events, segmentation, profiling, reporting, marketing and analysis studies, advertisements and marketing/communication activities of ÖZLEM DOMBAZ-SÜMERCE ATÖLYESİ-ANUİŞTAR (notifications on the Site, pop-up display, personalized offers, customization of user screens, surveys etc.) ) and I consent to its processing in order to carry out studies aimed at improving the customer experience .

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